Journal Entry: 6

It’s 6:45 AM, September 28th. Its been one week. One week of a lot of downs. Zero ups. But some OK hours.

My parents and Steven’s dad haven’t left our sides since coming home on Sunday.

They’ve put everything on hold to take care of us.

A parent’s love runs deep. I always knew what I would do for Lyla. And I’ve always said that she is my heart.

Now my heart belongs to two little ones.

I love my babies so, so much.

A loss of a child is unbearable. My hands shake as these words form.

I never, ever, thought I would be a parent who suffers so much loss- the loss of a child.

I never thought I would be strong enough.

I still don’t.

The one thing that has helped Steven and I are the plans we have to honor Scotty.

These are big plans. If my child were here, he would have moved mountains.

So now it’s up to his parents.

We are going to honor Scotty and make his name be known in such a positive light, because nothing about this situation is positive.

Journal Entry 6 Image

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